Self doubt: my biggest inner demon

I would imagine that most people have inner demons.

Thoughts they battle with and maybe don't really share with others. My biggest inner demon is my self doubt. I doubt my drawing and photography abilities, my relationships and just myself in general really. It's not every day but occasionally it rears it's ugly head and it's important to know in those moments that it's okay so feel bad as long as it's only for a moment and not a lifetime.

I recently had a few breakdowns about my photography ability specifically and I compared myself to people in a bad way. I put myself down because I'm not at the level that they are on and I almost let my self doubt win, but then I had a very good talk with my best friend and they told me to go through all of my past shoots and write down what I don't like about them. So I did. I got two or three things in common I want to improve on that were consistent in a lot of the results so I have decided to do just that. Improve; and for me to be able to improve I need ro practice, practice, practice. And that's really all to it, I need to put myself out there more to get better.

I will not let my inner demons win, I am good at what I do and I will beat my self doubt and come out victorious.

You can beat your demons too, I believe in you.

Some candid shots of my friend Lou from my trip to London in April.