The highlights of my 2017

A goal I have set for 2018 is to blog more, and not just random ramblings but coherent pre-planned posts about with pictures that are relevant. I'm holding out hope for me being able to publish two posts per week at least, and starting 2018 right is some of the highlights of my past year.

I started my year with my laptop completely shutting down the night before I had my shoot for my graduation project, having a complete meltdown and then figuring my shit out. The shoot went great and we had so much fun during the full day. My editorial got published on Odalisque Magazine's website after I graduated in May.

More Than Our Art1-.jpg

I then had to take some additional photos for the project before we graduated and I took some of Emilia Westerström and took some photos for her blog as well. Later during the year I took photos for her header and profile on her blog.


I traveled out of the country twice this year, to England and Dublin, in April and September respectively. England was fully packed of musicals and laughing until my stomach hurt with friends I miss so much when I don't see them. I was in Cheltenham for a couple of days and then took the train with Helen to London, everything is always so magical when I go to the UK - like my soul comes alive in a different way than it is in Sweden.

Dublin was a birthday trip because Helen turned 25 and that needed to be celebrated with just the two of us. We just walked around Dublin and enjoyed each other's company, the most relaxing few days of 2017 I had.

2017-04-18 16.42.42.jpg

Of course two highlights of 2017 were my dogs, as they are highlights of every year. My two tiny fluffballs whom I love more than life. Lina and Lucky.

2017-06-11 10.58.262.jpg

My big brother turned 25 this year as well and we celebrated accordingly. I am so proud of all his accomplishments and all that he is. I couldn't wish for a better big brother. My family is kind of crazy, and a little fucked up. But what family isn't?

It is completely alright if family isn't something that is important in your life, family doesn't have to be important - no matter what anyone tells you. 


Friends are important, they're the family you choose. I have some really great ones in the UK, and a few ones in Sweden as well. So here's to all the amazing people who I spent time with in 2017.


I went through a few cuts and colours this year; started the year with a dark blue lob and finished with a shaved head. I'm completely in love with every single look I've had this year, here's to a colourful shaved head in 2018. My brows got a lot better throughout the year as well.

2017-06-08 12.01.20.jpg

I graduated this year. Two year university education, I have a degree in commercial and editorial photography. Biggest achievement of my life, I'm so proud of myself for doing this. Side note: started my own business this year as well. 

And finally, 2017 is the year I started Bullet Journaling. Bought my first journal in July and it has been fantastic to figure out my own rhythm and style for it. I got two Leuchtturm1917 dotted journals for Christmas so continuing this in 2018.

I figured out I love drawing and actually developed some kind of drawing style as well, still under development though. Let's hope 2018 is full of creativeness.

2017-09-02 10.21.492.jpg

That was some highlights of my past year, it wasn't the best year but it sure did beat 2016.

How did 2017 treat you? Any big things planned for 2018?

Until next time. x

Dublin with my Hufflepuff

I went on a mini holiday in the beginning of September with my best friend. We flew (separately) to Dublin, it wasn't just a mini holiday it was also a birthday trip as Helen turned 25 while we where there. I had her presents all packed up by the time she got through arrivals.

We made our way to our hotel, very confusing being in a country none of us had been in before (and none of us had thought to look up the way beforehand) but we made it eventually. Our first evening was uneventful, we went out to buy food and then talked. Since we only see each other a couple of times a year for a few short days it always feels strange when I actually see her in person. Like she's not a person living in my phone? Strange.

2017-09-06 13.54.24-1-11.jpg

Our second day was her birthday and I woke her up with terrible singing and presents; I had made her a birthday card with all her favourite things - almost missing her favourite band but I squeezed them in on the envelope - a necklace, a pin and a handmade banner. 

We went into the Disney store and they were playing 'You're Welcome' so we obviously started dancing and singing along like idiots and one of the staff started talking to us and we mentioned it was Helen's birthday so she got a birthday celebration. I was not jealous at all...


We spent our days walking around Dublin, not doing any touristy things as that's not really what we like to do - especially since this was the first time it was just the two of us for a whole trip we just wanted to spend time in each others company and relax. It's been a hectic few years for us especially this one and we celebrated not only her birthday but the both of us finishing our degrees. 

2017-09-05 10.28.51-21.jpg

Helen and I are not really the going-out type of people either so we spent all of our nights at our hotel watching Drag Race and talking. Each second I'm not with them I miss them. Helen makes my life so much better and I am so grateful to have them in my life and to be able to share their 25th with them was so fantastic.


It's only a little over two months until I see them again for our sixth new years together, and also our five year anniversary as friends. I cannot wait.

I hope you have someone in your life that lifts you up like Helen does me, and who makes you laugh, gets you out of your head and is just a fantastic presence in your life. And if you don't, then I wish for you to find that person. It makes a world of difference.

I love you soulmate, see you soon.

LDN 07.2016

The best thing about England is the fact that is where my soulmate was born.

Helen is the most amazing human to ever grace this earth with her presence. The fact that I only get to see her a few times a year is overshadowed by the amount of fun we have when we do see each other. 

So enjoy this post which is basically just a bunch of photos.

Johannes and I arrived in London on the Saturday and just ate dinner and slept, on the Sunday we went out and explored a bit on our own and then we met up Helen! We went to eat Nandos and just wandered around London and sat in Leicester Square. (Helen also gave me my birthday present - she made me the Map of Paris!!! That's the necklace that Esmeralda gave Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, my fave Disney film)

And I obviously couldn't visit London and not see two of my favourite people Elli and Boots. Fantastic people that always get me smiling.

And when Elli and Boots happen gin and tequila happen, always. And when that happens an overload of selfies and playing with my camera happens. See above and below.

But I am so privileged to have been able to spend time with four of my favourite people within the 6 days I spent in my favourite city, and for the fact that I have these people in my life. They all make my heart swell with such love, it truly is a pity that three of them live across an ocean from me and the fourth lives 6 hours away by train. But when we do get together, it's golden.


I cannot tell you how long I've waited to go there, it was the most special experience of my life so far. I swear my heart was going to burst out of my chest at any given moment.

So we got there, and Helen mentioned that we were there as a birthday thing for me and I got a 'star of the day' pin and I GOT TO OPEN THE DOORS TO THE GREAT HALL. CAN YOU SEE MY EXCITEMENT!?

I cannot tell you how many times I cried, and how amazing it felt to walk around that place. I could live there, it felt exactly like coming home.

Most of the photos are of me, but that's because Helen took my camera and decided she was taking all the photos that day. So enjoy.

Like a fucking child on christmas I tell you
HP 15-.jpg
"I am not not going home, not really." - Harry Potter

Another thing we did in London was go to a comedy show, another birthday thing. Helen bought tickets for us to go see my favourite comedian, Russell Howard(!!!!) at a show in Camden where he tried out new material for his arena tour in 2017.

russell 2.jpg
Best comedian out there, no competition

We had another day where we just spent time together, Helen, Johannes and I. Walking around London, eating food and laughing our arses off. It was probably the best time I've had in London, and every time I go it gets harder to leave. 

I will see you again London, hopefully very soon.